Posted by: sea2stars | July 14, 2009

my disclaimer

So as I sit preparing for Taiwan by telling friends, making quilts, and creating blogs, I find it funny that I will be teaching English. I do not consider myself a good writer at all. I try to be witty, sarcastic, or funny but because I forget commas or miss spell words, I think the feeling of my writing often gets lost in the mistakes. So if you choose to read my blog I ask that you not be to harsh in your comments as you find spelling and grammar errors. This is another reason I find it so funny that I will be teaching english. I am terrible at spelling and grammar and somehow I am suppose to teach it to other children. My only hope is that my curriculum will give me all the answers and maybe through time I will learn something and you will see improvement in my writing. Or better yet maybe I will just teach the little ones nouns, I’m good with nouns.



  1. Don’t sell yourself short….you are also good with adjectives!! For some practice you should pick up a few books of “Mad Libs”!

  2. I think the best writers are the most honest ones. Don’t edit too much. You’ll drive yourself crazy!

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