Posted by: sea2stars | July 25, 2009

Just imagine

I love the newness of things; the thoughts, the questions, the possibilities. I just get so excited when I wonder what Taiwan will be like, who I will meet, and what other doors it could open for me. I imagine funny scenarios in my head, like accidently getting hemorrhoid cream instead of toothpaste because I can’t read the box and their are no pictures. I imagine the inevitable games of charades I will play and hope that people will be kind enough to actually help me and not try to play some cruel joke on me. I imagine seeing the Harry Potter moved dumbed over in Chinese. I imagine an apartment the size of my parents living room with a kitchen the size of a closet. I get excited when I think about riding a scooter. I know my imagination could never compare to what will really transpire, but that is what is so exciting about it.



  1. As your mother, I am both excited and terrified for you. You will have wonderful experiences but please remember to be safe. One thing I have always wanted to do is stand on the Great Wall of China. Since I’m not at all fond of flying, have limited funds and bad knees this seems a remote possibility. I am hoping that you will be able to do that for me and I can live vicariously through your experience.
    Love you, MOM

  2. I’m with your mom — I will not see the world for many years, if at all…so I look forward to seeing it through your eyes.

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