Posted by: sea2stars | August 7, 2009

TV in Taiwan

Their are far more english things here that I expected. The street signs and many of the shop signs have an english translation. Some restaurants have menus with translations. So I am not surprised to find some television in english. We have animal planet and discovery channel and some of the movie channels play american movies, of course all with chinese subtitle. The movies are also rather dated and defiantly not the best of America. As an example I’m currently watching the Beautician and the Beast, circa 1997. I am not proud that I will watch such movies but it is in english and that seems to be my only criteria at the moment.

Also today while searching channels IĀ come across the show Go Diego Go. For those of you who do not know this is an american cartoon designed to teach young children how to speak spanish (it is a spin off from the show Dora the Explorer). I find it particularly funny that this show is on in Taiwan. One because most people here are trying to learn english not spanish and two because it has been dubbed over in chinese. As I continue watching the show I being to realize that they are not teaching spanish they are teaching english. I also find this funny because Go Diego Go is designed to represent that spanish culture, not really the american culture. Although, america is comprised of mexicans and spaniards, so maybe in some way it does represent the american culture. I don’t know. Either way I find it funny that is dubbed over in chinese and has been altered to teach english, not spanish.


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