Posted by: sea2stars | August 12, 2009

Help with kids games and songs

So I need your help. I am teaching mostly young children and I need some help coming up with songs to sing and games to play with them. The required material we have to teach the kids does not take up enough time and without anything to do they get bored and start running around. Most teachers add in some songs and games to try and stretch time and make it more fun for the students.

For my 3 – 5 yr old class I can only come up with a handful of good songs and games to play and thought some of you might have some more ideas for me. I think songs or games with repetition and counting would be good. So far the popular songs to sing are Old McDonald, B-I-N-G-O, If you are happy and you know it, Head and shoulders knees and toes, ABC song. They also like ring around the rosy, and although it is fun, I think there are better songs than that.

I also need help with some games for the older kids, 8-10 yrs. They like hangman, which I think is a great game for them. They also play an ABC game where the first kid says something that starts with an A, then the second kids says the A word and then a B word, then the third kid says the A word and B word and comes up with a C word, ect. ect.

So for all you moms and teachers out there if you have any ideas for me please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.


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