Posted by: sea2stars | August 17, 2009

My First Earthquake

So this morning as I slowly wake up I begin to feel my bed shake. As I am not yet fully awake I consider this for a moment and then realize that it’s an earthquake. I’m so excited and I just lay there feeling the earth moving beneath me. I discover that it was a magnitude 6.5 in Haulien City, approximately 100 miles away on the east coast. I don’t know much about the geology of Taiwan, except that there are a lot of subducting plates. I can’t wait until I can go into the mountains and discover more about the geology of Taiwan.



  1. I would expect nothing less than pure, unadultarated, exiliration from you in regards to experiencing your first earthquake!! Enjoy!

  2. Um, I would be scared out of my mind. You are so brave (obviously, or you wouldn’t be there)!

    Sleep well….

  3. How often do earthquakes occur there?

    You should set up your own earthquake detection machine with increasingly precariously supported objects. If you have the space, with different orientations too, so you can known where it came from.

    • They happen all the time here. I’ve been trying to keep track of how many I’ve been able to feel. I’ve felt 5 major earthquakes. I’m also trying to hone in on my geologic skills and seeing if I can feel the small earthquakes to. Somedays I’m right somedays I’m wrong. I would set up my own earthquake detector but Taiwan already does a really go job of this. Check it out Taiwan Earthquakes This is probably my favorite website right now. How nerdy is that?

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