Posted by: sea2stars | August 17, 2009

The Night Market

I hopped on the back of the scooter and we were off to the night market. I was thrilled to be out of our little apartment. As we skitted through the street, weaving in and out, between scooters and cars, I had to hold my tough from screaming from terror and laughing from joy. Although we couldn’t have been going more than 30 mph it seemed as if we were rushing past the lights and sounds of the city. It’s the first time I’ve been out at night and I finally felt a since of adventure.

The night market is busy and seems crowded. Booths are jam-backed together into a maze that seems unnavigable to me, but somehow we are confidently lead to food. Before us lay bins of food and our room mates mutter something in chinese to the people behind the counter. We are given a bowl and prompted to fill it from the bins before us. As I look around and take it all in I realize I have come to the place of the ORIGINAL mongolian barbeque and I’m instantly excited. This is a far cry from any of the mongolian restaurants I have been to and as I examine the bins of food before me I see nothing familiar. I pester my room mates to explain what each item is and I make sure to add at least one of everything so that I can try it. The food was delicious, especially for only having two items that I am well aquatinted with, beef and lettuce. I had a smattering of tofu, seaweed, vegetables I never heard of, types of mushrooms, and peppers to make it hot. I can’t wait to go back have it again.

Original mongolian BBQ Mongolian BBQ

cooking cooking


After food we continue through the maze of the night market. It feels almost like a fair or carnival, but to call it that would be a lie. Their are games like a fair but no rides and the shops are a mix between a craft fair and relatively normal stores. Their are tons of clothing booths that are strategically place next to accessory shops, like shoes and barrettes.  T-shirt shops are plentifully and amusing. We stood for a while and tried to make since of the english words that were printed out of order and spelled incorrectly, making the t-shirts void of any meaning. I couldn’t help myself and we stopped to look at some sandals. Just like I do at home, I picked a pair off the rack and tried them on for a perfect fit. I bought them for $2.43, I predict a potential shoe problem in the near future.

clothes shoes sandals barrettes

The night market also offers fruit and baked goods. You can also buy lots of different kinds of things on sticks. Their are meats and tofu and a smattering of other stuff that I didn’t try this time around. If you feel like it you can also buy small rodents, like rabbits, mice, gerbils and others.

selling fruit bake goods Food animals

Games are also popular. Their are a lot of gambling type tables and a lot of arcade games. I think my favorite game was the Taiwanese version of the fish pond game. So instead of catching a plastic fish on a pole and then winning a prize from behind the counter, here your prize it what you catch. Instead of catching fish you try to catch shrimp and if you catch one you can proceed over to a pit of hot coals, cook your prize and eating it. If I had not already been stuffed from the mongolia barbeque I would have tried it. But I guess it gives me something to look forward to for next time.

Fishing for shrimp



  1. Hi Rachael
    What fun for me to read about your adventures in Taiwan. Matt put your blog on my famorites tab so, it is easy for me to plug into your journey. I too woke up in Tokeo, Japan during an earth quake and your market experience reminded me of China, HongKong and India makets. Thanks for the memories! Your first impressions will always be special and will last a life time.
    Take care. Love Always, Aunt Phyllis

    • I’m glad my experiences are brining back good memories for you. I’m really enjoying myself. I often think of the stories you use to tell us about when you and Uncle Lyle went abroad. They all seem to make more since to me now.

  2. Wow – was that you doing all of that or was it Anthony Bourdain? I love the pictures. You are so fortunate to be having this experience.

    I especially like hearing about the food (I am Mildred’s granddaughter after all).

    Keep posting!

    • The food is great over here. Everyday I wish I box up something I have just eaten and send it over for anyone daring enough to try. I guess I’ll just have to learn how to cook some of the food and then make it for everyone when I get back.

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