Posted by: sea2stars | August 24, 2009

Fire and Water

So this weekend me and some new friends took off for some hot springs nearby. We drove to Guanziling to go to the hot springs. Four white girls riding on scooters must have been quite a site because people starred at us everywhere we went. (That’s actually rather normal, but I’m sure we are a rare breed in some of the small towns we passed through.) Guanziling is a small town in the mountains and sits at about 8000 ft. Toward the top of one of the mountain peaks sits a a spring that bubbles up out of the cave it came from. As the water comes out of the cave the methane gas that was dissolved in the water is released. This gas was lit, who knows how long ago, and has been burning ever since.



(A giant lime at a fork in the road, I have no idea why.)

Scooter gang

(Our scooter gang as we stop and call a friend for directions.)

Dragon wall

(Cool dragon wall leading up to the fire and water.)

fire and water1

(Fire and water, ohhhhh, ahhhhhh)

Theresa and I

(Theresa and I by the fire and water.)

me by fire and water

pray by fire and water

(This man might be praying but I’m not sure. Also take note of the funny fruit in the tree. They look like potatoes but I have no idea what they are.)

Although it was beautiful this is not quite the hot spring we expected. We had just driven an hour by scooter, which is not very comfortable, and we all expected to change into our suites, in some terrible port a potty, and jump into a lake or river area that has been deemed a hot spring. I have since learned that at hot spring in Taiwan is just the water that has been transported to a spa pool. Altogether this is not a bad thing, as a geologist I was rather disappointing to not be able to swim at the natural sight of the hot spring. We did however get to spend a lovely dat at the spa in the mountains.


(The spay had lots of different pools. Some were mud pools and they were all different temperatures.)


mud spa

(Mud bath with a white bathing suite is a bad idea.)

mud bath



  1. Are you actually complaining about HAVING to spend a day in a SPA instead of in some sulfer-smelling, muddy, who-knows-what-is-swimming-in-the-water, ride-your-scooter-home-wet natural pool?? Life is tough!! Save me a spot….I’ll be there by Friday!!

  2. Hi Rachael
    It is interesting to see you sight seeing in a sundress when I have the furnice on and a few snow flakes are floating around outside my window. The whole family is getting together at Bras and Kathy’s Friday for a fall soup supper with apple carmel cake for dessert.
    I love to see your pictures and read your comments.
    Hope the teaching is going o.k.
    Love, Aunt Phyllis

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