Posted by: sea2stars | September 7, 2009

A Taiwan Apartment

Apartments in Taiwan are a lot different than in America. You can’t just go to an apartment complex, look at a few room layouts, ask what is available in a month or so and then happily move in a few weeks later. The process here is far more complicated. The major difference is that each individual apartment has a personal owner, the apartment complex owns the building but none of the rooms, so it is like trying to rent a house or a condo. This also means that ALL apartments are different based on how the owner has decorated it. You can’t just go to a one bedroom apartment and assume they are all the same. This also means that everything is negotiable. You can negotiate price, problems, furniture, ect. ect. Thank goodness I live with a Taiwanese who has the natural ability of negotiation. Here a few pictures of my new apartment that I’m sharing with Christine, a native Taiwanese who is a surgical nurse, and Nick, a teacher at my school.


It is very Taiwanese to take your shoes off and put slippers (flip-flops) on to wear inside. I just go bare foot but my Taiwanese room mate is very traditional.

Living room1

Here is the living room. My bedroom is behind the 4 doors.

living room2


My bedroom is very small. Although it has doors I don’t really have any privacy. Glass doors aren’t really good for keeping noise in or out. I also constantly feel like my room mates can see my shadow and what I’m doing. I was thinking of taking up the art of shadow puppets and giving shows on occasion.



Bathrooms are not the same either. They don’t use shower curtains at all. Luckily their is a sit down toilet and it is rather large, so it doesn’t get everything wet when I shower, just most things.


I call this my doll house kitchen. Although it may not look like it, the counters barely come to my hip. I can reach everything in the cupboards without even getting on my tiptoes. I feel like a giant in this kitchen and now understand how tall people must feel when they are cooking. You will also notice that there is no oven. Most places only have 2 burner stoves. I can’t even make cookies, cake, or pie, how sad 😦


washing machine

Our washing machine is on the back porch. Their are also no dryers in Taiwan and if you have one you are considered very rich. Consequently we have to hang dry our clothes. The bad news for me is that I have to be more on top of my laundry because I can’t finish it in a few hours, the good news is that it makes putting away my clothes very easy for me.

Drying my clothes


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