Posted by: sea2stars | October 17, 2009

Pros and Cons of a Scooter

I like riding my scooter around Taiwan. But like everything their are good things and bad things about it.

1. Maintenance is cheep. I just got new front breaks for about $8 American dollars and an oil change for about $3.50.
2. You can get through very small space on the road and avoid a lot of traffic jams.
3. You can scoot in front of traffic and make sure you get through the green light.
4. You can park it anywhere. If the place is big enough to put it you can park it there.
5. Free air-conditioning.
6. I use less fuel. I spend about $4 on gas a week.
7. Tanning, I always make sure I wear a tank top when I ride my scooter so I can get in some tanning time.
8. They are easy to keep clean. I no longer have junk piled up in my trunk. I can also just leave it in the rain if I want to wash it.
9. I feel cool when I drive my scooter in Taiwan. I know that if I were in America I would be laughed at and become the strange person who rides a scooter. Which is likely to happen in the future.

1. You have a limited amount of space. This means you can only buy a few things at the store. If you buy more than will fit on your scooter, you have to get creative.
2. Rain, I don’t like driving in the rain. Luckily they have a solution for this problem. Everyone rides around with bright colored rain jackets that come down to your ankles. Mine is all purple and I feel like Grimace from the McDonalds characters when I ride around.
3. No shocks. They are uncomfortable to ride around on for a long period of time, and I mean for more than an hour or so.
4. Hat hair, I always were a full helmet and then my hair sticks every which way. This is the main reason I cut my hair off, which has solved a lot of the problem.
5. No heating, this is definitely a problem during the winter time.



rain coat



  1. I would like to see you in your Grimace costume…it is almost Halloween. Although, I highly doubt it will beat your ‘Travel Gnome’ attire of last year. 😉

    • So here is my Grimace costume. I appreciate the suggestion for Halloween but I decided against it because I don’t think I will ever be able to top my Travelocity Gnome costume. It’s sad to realize that this part of my life has already culminated.

  2. I want a purple raincoat!

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