Posted by: sea2stars | October 29, 2009

American Food in Taiwan

Much like Chinese food in American, American food here have been modified. The only thing I have found thus far that is truly the same is McDonalds. Even subway, although close, does not taste the same. I find deli meets in Taiwan taste very different.

I was feeling like pizza and finally decided to give Pizza Hut a try. I knew it wouldn’t taste the same but I didn’t expect it to taste so different. I went with my new Taiwanese friend, so we decided to order the large. Jenny kept commenting on how big our pizza was and I kept thinking that it was very small to be called a large, it was more around medium size. She also didn’t believe me when I told her pizza in America can get much larger.

We also got some very interesting sides. Are sides included chicken wings, fun shaped tater-tots, mini sausages filled with cheese, and a cheep imitation of what I would call cinnamon bread. The pizza does taste different, mostly just bland. Imagine instead of putting pizza sauce on your pizza and just putting tomato sauce. They also have an interesting choices of pizza including but not limited to Shrimp Delight, Korean Kim Chi BBQ, Seafood, Surf and Turf, Black Pepper Beef, Super Supreme, and Japanese Takoyaki. Check it out if you want. Pizza Hut Menu in Taiwan

I must say though that my favorite part about going to Pizza Hut was that I discovered that they will deliver. Of course why us a car when you can attach a box to the back of your scooter.



  1. Omigosh. Kim Chi on pizza? I think I might hurl. Fun little story, though. Love seeing it through your eyes.

  2. P.S. You’re very brave to eat deli meat in Taiwan. I can barely eat it here.

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