Posted by: sea2stars | October 31, 2009

Halloween at My School

The Taiwanese people don’t celebrate Halloween but we put together a Halloween for the kids at our school. We invited the student to dress up and we went on a parade, trick-or-treating to local businesses. We also put together a haunted house for the kids. I got to dress up like a witch and scare the kids. They don’t have a lot of costume options here so I made a paper witch mask that was apparently a lot scarier than I thought. I was surprised how many kids were scared by the haunted house. The bad part about the haunted house is that they made all the kids go through it, even if they didn’t want to. I had one little girl screaming in terror at me until I took my mask off, then she clung to me for dear life. She had to be carried through the haunted house.

Trick or Treat Song
Trick or Treat, smell my feet
Give me something good to eat
Ghosts and Witches Vampires too
are waiting in the dark for you

Monsters big, Vampires mean
All show up on Halloween
Walk around trick or treat
Scaring people on the street



  1. Hi Rachael
    Your witch costume scared me also. One of the reasons the children may have been so frightened is that in so many religions and cultures the spirit world is very much a part of their lives. When we were in Kuwait , you never complemented a new baby because that might bring the bad spirits and make the baby sick.
    We had fun with Halloween here in O.C. with many happy children collecting goodies.
    Love, Aunt Phyllis

    • The Taiwanese people have a lot of superstitions surrounding ghost here as well. I was going to tell The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to some of my older students but decided against it because I was afraid it would scare them. I’m glad you had a fun Halloween in O.C.

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