Posted by: sea2stars | November 18, 2009

Happy Things

sunshine, big fluffy clouds, flowers, mountains, sunsets, listening to the waves crash on the shore, trees that change color for fall, the smell of fall, snow that crunches beneath your feet, wind, transportation (scooters, cars, trains, planes), traveling, smiling faces, helpful people, family, friends, keeping in touch, music, ipods, taking the long way around, the smell of rain, being barefoot, playing in the rain, good beer, playing darts, a glass of wine, all sorts of delicious food, dessert, chocolate, art, making things, sewing, knitting, crafting, taking photos, drawing, experimenting, self-discovery, learning, reading, dreaming, laying in bed in the morning, breakfast, clean teeth, chap-stick, sweaters, the perfect pair of comfortable pants, waking up before your alarm, that perfect song that gets stuck in your head and makes your day better, finding money you didn’t know you had, getting a letter in the mail, laughing so hard you cry…



  1. May I add….. a new toothbrush, flannel sheets in the winter, brand new socks, homemade hot coco, the belly-laugh of your child, the little words “I want you” from a 2 year old when they wake you up early in the morning with their Elmo, and when your daughter leaves for school and runs back into the house just for a last minuite hug and to say ‘I love you”.

  2. p.s…….a new purse and a great new haircut!

  3. BBQ chicken pizza, pedicures, Christmas eve, pink roses, french fries and Us Weekly.

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