Posted by: sea2stars | December 2, 2009

Sushi for Thanksgiving

This was my first Thanksgiving away from America. The past couple years I haven’t been unable to travel home for Thanksgiving but have always had good friends to spend it with. This was my first none thanksgiving and their is not even a hint of it in this part of the world. There’s nothing around to even indicate that this holiday exists in another part of the world. I have seen evidence of some western holidays like Valentines day, Halloween, and Christmas; but their is nothing about Thanksgiving. I think I missed the pumpkin pie the most.

On Thanksgiving morning I got up really early, 4:30am, and went to Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. It was dark when I got there and I had no idea where I was suppose to be going. I was looking for the tuna auctions, so I decided to simply follow the smell of fish. I finally found a dock area that was really busy. People were driving little carts around and their were styrofoam boxes everywhere. I definitely felt like I wasn’t suppose to be there, so I proceeded. I had found the fish market. I went up and down the numerous aisles filled with with boxes of fresh fish, most of them were still wiggling around. I saw fish I had never seen before and I had no idea how half this stuff was supposed to be prepared. The market seemed to continued on forever. It was very busy as everyone was unloading and getting ready for their day.

I was still looking for the tuna auction and finally found some other foreigners that seemed to have a tour guide so I stalked them for a while. We got to an area where people where carrying tuna off on carts so I went the opposite direction. I finally came to a store house area, and sure enough their was tons of tuna. It was so cool to see all the tuna, they were huge. Their were business men making deals and people carting off the tuna they had just bought. After taking in the auction for a while I finally followed one of the carts of tuna. I watched as they put the tuna up on a large bandsaw and cut the fish into many pieces. I thought about buying some tuna right their but decided to go to an actual food stand instead.

I headed out of the market and towards the front. By this time the sun had rose and people were setting up standing and selling things other than fish. I had been told to go to a specific place for my morning sushi but I had lost my paper and I finally settled on a place that had plenty of pictures for me to point at. I ordered a bowl of rice that was covered in sashimi. It was delicious, the freshest fish I had ever had. It was a wonderful thanksgiving sushi bowl.


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