Posted by: sea2stars | December 5, 2009


Tokyo was awesome. I was very thankful to my friend that let me stay with him. He had an amazing view of the city, it was just a sea of building and lights. The city was very easy to get around in. I’m glad I speak English, because the more I travel the more I realize that the world is very English friendly. Many things in Japan were translated in Chinese, Korean, and English. The subway was system was in Japanese and English, which made it very easy for me to navigate.

The first place I went was the Imperial Palace. I mostly went to try and find a canon to get my picture by. I have since discovered that the flaw with getting my picture by a cannon in every country I visit is that not every country used cannons. I spent all week trying to find one and was told at an information center that Japan didn’t use cannons and therefore don’t have any.

I then went to Asakusa, which has a temple and a lot of tourist shops. It was a fun place to wander around and see how to temples in Japan differ from the ones in Taiwan.

The next day I thought I would go see Kabuki Theater. The theater was beautiful and I was disappointed when I found out that the day before was the last performance for a few weeks.

One of my friends in Taiwan is originally from Japan. It just so happened that she was visiting home at the same time I was there. We set up a day and she came to Tokyo and she helped show me around for a day. We first went to the shopping area of Tokyo and saw the time square of Tokyo. Their were so many people that you feel a little claustrophobic. It was actually really impressed to see that many people, and so many of them in black suites. I’ve seen time square in New york and I don’t remember it being as crowded as Tokyo. We wandered the shops for a bit and went to have soba for lunch. Soba is a traditional Japanese wheat noodle dish.

We went to the Meiji Shrine. We were very lucky and saw the beginning of a very traditional Japanese wedding. We saw three different couples. The kimono that the bride wore was amazing. The groom was also in a very traditional outfit. All the men wedding guest wore white ties. In Japan white is a good color. This is contradictory to Taiwan where white is a bad color and associated with death.

For dinner we went had okonomiyaki. It’s a very traditional Japanese food that they cook in front of you. I have no idea what was in the food that we ate but it was all very good. The first dish we had was cooked on the grill in front of us and we simply ate it right off the grill with miniature metal spatulas. The next dish we had was made into a large pancake. It was all very good food.

The next day I went to Ueno Park. It was a lovely park, well, more like a swamp. Their were a lot of museums in the area and, ironically, I decided to visit the western art museum. I know, why not go to a Japanese art museum? Well the reason is that the western art museum had Monet. I was absolutely thrilled that I could see Monet in Japan and as I looked at them it felt a little like home.

I also went to Akihabara, which is the technology market. It was bright and colorful and their were tons of people. You could see an kind of electronic item you could think of, from toaster ovens and washing machines to the latest in cell phones and computers.



  1. Love your blog! Photos are wonderful. Keep posts coming, please!

    • Thanks Uncle Fred. I’m really enjoying putting it together.

  2. You amaze my Rach!

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