Posted by: sea2stars | December 20, 2009

Happy Hanukah

My friends Kate and Sebastian are Jewish and invited us over for the last night of Hanukah to celebrate. This was my first Hanukah celebration and probably the only one of its kind in Taiwan. Our hosts were very excited and we started off with a small cheese plate and warm mulled spiced wine. We had latkes for dinner, which is like a hash brown potato pancake, complete with sour cream. (The cheese and sour cream were definitely a treat because dairy products are rare and very expensive over here.)

After dinner we got a little background on Hanukah and they showed us their mini menorah and we learned how to play dreidel, which is kind of like a gambling game with a top and usually played with chocolate coins. Afterwards we watched Christmas Vacation with chinese subtitles for our Taiwanese friends. This was also Kate and Sebastian first time seeing the movie. Our party got even more exciting when it was interrupted by an earthquake. It was a large one on the east cost of Taiwan, I’ve never felt one last for so long. Check out the shake map. After the excitement of the earthquake we returned to our movie and enjoyed the rest of our evening.


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