Posted by: sea2stars | December 23, 2009

A Baking Experiment

I love Christmas time. I love the trees and lights and how everyone seems to be in a more cheerful mood. I like the music and the shopping and feeling the weather get cooler. I like turning on some Christmas music and baking a batch of cookies to share with all of my friends. Their are a fair amount of Christmas things around here. I can buy a fake tree, tinsels, and some ornaments if I wanted to, but all I really want to do is bake some good cookies.

I love to bake and cook, and because it’s just me, I like to share it with all of my friends. Although I don’t have an oven I thought I would try to make a few no bake sort of treats. I decided on no bake cookies, puppy chow, and fudge. I went to the big Carrefour, which is like the Walmart of Taiwan. I was able to find white sugar, Hershey’s coco, oatmeal, and peanut butter, but I was still lacking many ingredients like powdered sugar, brown sugar, vanilla, chex mix, and chocolate chips.

I asked the ladies at work where I could find these type of ingredients. I was told I had to go to a special baking store. Vicky drew me a nice little map and I asked her to write the ingredients I needed in Chinese for me. I found my way to this great little baking store. I was able to find brown sugar, powdered sugar, and chocolate chips but I was still having trouble finding vanilla. I went to the clerk and pointed at the chinese that indicated vanilla. She took me to the spice aisle and handed me a jar of white powder. I was highly confused and attempted to argue with her in English. I was attempting to ask her for liquid vanilla because I was sure that she had handed me the wrong bottle. She preceded to show me the chinese writing on my paper and that it matched the chinese writing on the bottle. I don’t know why I tried to argue but I’m sure it was rather amusing for anyone watching our game of charades. I ended up buying the bottle of white powdered and was happy to find out that it was indeed vanilla. I looked it up powdered vanilla online and discovered that it is just crushed up vanilla beans.

So my first attempt was the no bake cookies. Of course I added the the full amount of vanilla that the recipe called for, forgetting that I had pure vanilla powdered and not vanilla extract. I simply doubled the recipe before it was to late and they turned out just great. I took them to school and shared them with all the teachers.

After the no bake cookies had disappeared I decided to try making puppy chow. Now I wasn’t able to find any chex mix and I figured that maybe corn flakes would be a good substitute. I opened the chocolate chips I had bought and gave them a taste. They did not taste like chocolate chips or any chocolate I have every had before. I couldn’t use them for my puppy chow. I went back to carrefour to look for another substitute for chocolate chips. I found some Hershey’s kisses that ended up working great in my puppy chow. In case you are wondering corn flakes are a good substitute for chex mix. They didn’t break apart like I expected and it tastes just as good as chex mix.



  1. You are definitely Mildred’s granddaughter. Merry Christmas. xox

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