Posted by: sea2stars | May 11, 2010


This weekend we went to Ruili 瑞里 in the mountains to see the fireflies. The drive was enjoyable as we curved around mountain roads. We brought lots of cold food to snack on and camped near the firefly area. My South African friends had never seen fireflies before and were really excited. At dusk we walked up the road a bit into the woods to see all the fireflies. Their were lots of people and even more fireflies. We decided to come back when it was less crowded so we could sit down and not have to listen to chinese firefly tours. They have tours for everything here.

Campgrounds in Taiwan are a bit different too. They are lit with florescent lights instead of the soft glow of campfires. There is not a fire pit or wood insight and I’ve never seen a picnic table anywhere. To cook, Taiwanese bring out a full kitchen with table and chairs included. The have burners and woks and a fridge full of food for cooking all night. The people next to us must have felt sorry for us because they came over with freshly baked scallops and garlic seared in a butter sauce, which was delicious. We wanted to give back to our friendly neighbors so we made them a fruit salad. They meet our challenge and then came over with perfectly cooked steak. It has been so long since I’ve had steak of any kind and I savored every bit. We couldn’t top that, lets be honest, our fruit salad didn’t exactly equal scallops either, but we continually thanked them for their kindness. I’m always so appreciative of the kindness of the Taiwanese people. They are so hospitable and friendly to foreigners, it makes me feel bad for all the times I have been less than kind to people from other countries in America.

After eating our late dinner we ventured back to the fireflies. Without people to congest the scenery it was truly amazing. The woods flickered with hundreds of lights. It was magical and it was suddenly easy to imagine that woodland creatures and fairies might actually exist. I remember catching fireflies as a kid, but I can’t remember if they were as abundant as this hillside in Taiwan. We sat on the hill for a long time reminiscing about our childhoods and just watching the fire flies. It was really beautiful.


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