Posted by: sea2stars | June 16, 2010

Creative Cooking Class 2: Mango Salsa

My creative cooking classes started around the holidays when I became interested in making holiday treats but really didn’t have the equipment to do so. I was able to make no bake cookies and puppy chow with corn flakes. The lack of an oven, basic cooking utensils, and completely different groceries have led me to some interesting cooking endeavors.

This week it was mango salsa. We have the most extraordinary fruits and vegetables here in Taiwan and I’ve had the pleasure over the past few weeks of trying lots of new fruits. It’s mango season now and I’ve been getting tired of eating just the mangos so I looked up some new recipe ideas and found one for mango salsa. I looked up a few recipes and decided what ingredients I had available to me and cut stuff up and put it together until it looked about right. I used mango, red onion, cucumbers, cilantro, basil, lime juice, red peppers, and salt. All the recipes called for jalapeno chilies but I couldn’t find any. I still think it tastes delectable and never mind the fact that I can’t find tortilla chips, Taiwan has lots of different crackers that are a sufficient substitute.


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