Posted by: sea2stars | July 24, 2010

I’m famous

I’m the closest I’ll ever be to celebrityhood here in Taiwan. Taiwan is not at all like America, where even in the most remote corners we are exposed to a variety of people. We grow up with Asians, Caucasians, and African American’s as our friends. We don’t think twice about the diversity we see in our culture. We have light skinned people, dark skinned people, hair and eyes of all colors. Everyone is as different as we are the same. We wouldn’t even know if someone was a foreigner unless they told us.

Now, when a white person comes to Asia it’s a bit different. Without question you stand out. Here everyone has roughly the same color hair, skin, and eyes. You can’t hide or blend in even if you wanted to. Because of this feature I was instantly a bit of a celebrity when I got. People stare at me and stalk me and are often too shy to ask me questions. Children point and say 外國人wai4guo2ren2 (foreigner) to their parents. Many people are very friendly and say hi or ask me funny questions and they usually try to use as much of their English on me as possible. I’ve gotten very use to it by now but when I say I’m famous I actually mean it.

First off The English school I work at has just put an advertising out for our school all over Chiayi. If you go through a car wash you can see our smiling faces at the end through your nice clean windshield. You can see us on the side of our school van as it drives around town. If you come into the school to inquire there’s a nice big picture of all of us photoshopped into some place in Europe. Yes, that’s right my smiling face is plastered all over Chiayi.

If that’s not enough, you can also have a nice big burger with me. Their is an American burger joint called The Freen here. The food is good and the owner is very nice and speaks decent English. He wanted to promote his place and invited the foreigners in Chiayi to come and have a free burger while someone took our picture. If I had known what the pictures would be I may have thought twice about it, but free food is always good. So now if you go to The Freen you can have a nice meal with me and 9 of my friends and we can all enjoy our hamburgers together.



  1. Sa-weet! I have an internationally famous cousin. Oh yeah.

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