Posted by: sea2stars | February 20, 2012

Pink Tutus Match Anything

I want to dress like a little girl again. This morning at the coffee shop a little girl popped right up behind me and grabbed some sugar. She smiled at me and went back to sitting by her mother. As I watched her walk back I saw her wonderful outfit. She had a headband with a big bright pink flower on it. A long sleeve black shirt under a bright teal t-shirt with a butterfly rhinestone design on it and of course, a soft pink ballerina tutu. She had little sneakers that were painted many colors, that lit up blue as she walked and they even had curlicue laces (very 80’s style). None of it matched, but you could tell that she dressed herself and was pleased with her style.

I’m sure I did this as a child, but I can’t really remember. I know I played dress up a lot, but those clothes weren’t allowed out of the house. I would love to go into my closet and put on all my funnest clothes, not worrying if they match or not, and just go out and have a fun day. Maybe I’ll wear a skirt over pants with big colorful rain boots (Although I don’t own any yet), and of course I’ll need sunglasses and a hat for attitude.

P.S. I tried desperately to find a picture befitting of this post. You would be amazing at how hard it is to find pictures of little girls dressed how ever they like. I’ve seen both my nieces do it, but don’t have any pictures of them. If any of you would like to donate a picture that would be awesome.


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