Posted by: sea2stars | March 9, 2012

33% more fun

I’ve decided to start a new blog. My 5 readers may ask, “Why would I do this?” Well, the thing is, this blog really is a travel blog and I’d like it to remain that way. Writing about more “average” things on a travel blog full of fun, just doesn’t seem right. I know I know I haven’t really posted in forever and it shouldn’t really matter, but the thing is, although I may not be traveling now, I’m sure I will again. I could also still write about past travel experiences (I apparently have this chronological order problem, where I don’t really like putting things out of sequence. Right? I know. How funny of me.) I’m trying to take a few tips from my friends blog, (very funny, worth a read) and possibly, maybe, take a leap, and just write about my favorite travel stories.


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