I have spent six years in school aspiring to be a geologist. In those years I traveled most of the united states and Canada. I’ve hiked the Canadian Rockies, been to the depths of Death Valley, seen the pools and geysers of yellowstone, rafted the rapids of West Virginia, taught in the heat of New Mexico, and researched the mountains of Montana.

After School I went to work for the oil industry and started my world travels as my company sent me to Mexico to learn about salt domes, the cliffs of Ireland to learn about stratigraphy, and the mountains of France to learn structure. Although the trips were nice, most of my time at work was spent in my office in front of 2, 32inch monitors working on projects that seemed unimportant and mundane to me. Do to a series of unfortunate events I lost my job. It seems life had other plans for me, realizing I need more adventure than a desk job in the corporate world.

So begins my new adventure, something, seemingly completely different from the old. In just a few short weeks I will be moving to Taiwan to teach English to elementary age children. I don’t know the language nor the culture and know very little about teaching children so young. I hope this blog will help detail my experience for anyone who wishes to read, but also for myself so that I can find understanding in taking the long way around.


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